Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ain't Laurent without Yves.

I hadn't planned on doing an individual post on any of the shows that were featured during the spectacular 'fashion week' month, but after the car crash we saw at Saint Laurent on Monday 4th at PFW, I simply couldn't resist... So yes, Saint Laurent, you get a special mention here on Anna Wintour's Heir, but unfortunately, it's not for good reason. 
YSL- Tuxedo Suit

Hedi Slimane. You take over at the helm of an iconic brand, and although we understand it may be hard to live up to Pilati's standards, I don't think anyone could have expected what we saw... All I ask is, was it a joke?

I think it is pretty fair to say that tragic is the correct word to sum up the collection. The atrocious catwalk looks resembled grunge high street; the type of clothing that you'd expect to find in the wardrobe of a 16 year old 'emo' girl (yes, I am being slightly stereotypical). In no way, would fashion lovers all across the globe have expected the legacy of YSL to be destroyed in a matter of seconds, with one catwalk show. 

After an astonishing, but not so surprisingly negative response from the public on twitter, many were quick to defend Slimane's actions, claiming it was his version of 'a tribute to 90s rock and roll' with his muse being Courtney Love. This may be so, but was it really the right move for Saint Laurent? The label, which is credited for its elegance, and creating the tuxedo suit for women? Definitely not. 
No other words aside from Vile.
- Saint Laurent Paris AW13.

The knicker shorts, checkered shirts and biker boots may well have been inspired by 90s grunge, but they were definitely not appropriate for a label such as Saint Laurent.  Since WHEN did denim skirts become a thing for the brand? I feel for Slimane, after being the target of many bitchy and nasty tweets, but he can't have had his head screwed on tightly enough when putting this collection together. It seems as though he must have forgotten which brand he was working for... Either that, or he intentionally planned on surprising us all with a horrific collection, just to wow us next season (please oh please let this be the case!).

Slimane's intentions may have been to bring about a new (positive) look for the brand, but after rebranding the name and the logo not even an entire year ago, i'd suggest he slows down before giving us any more surprises (and heart attacks). This collection is more of a collection of high-street garbage, but even then, Primark isn't even this bad. Though it may be a nostalgic step back into the 90s, Slimane ought to remember just who his client is, and more importantly, who he works for. 

I can now, with more assertiveness and assurance than ever before say that no, it most definitely ain't Laurent without Yves.

Marium x

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