Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's a furry story...

Fur is a very controversial and delicate subject when approached. There are those that are pro- authentic fur, and those that detest the thought of it. Me? I'm a convert. 

Until recently, I was quite anti- fur, thinking it to be cruel, nasty and pointless, as it is possible to purchase faux fur for a much cheaper price. This was until I felt my friends mink scarf. It was a present from her sister, and she braved wearing it out... I tell you, it was love at first sight. I am a huge lover of the fur look, and after feeling it, I knew I was no longer anti, but more pro- fur. 

Aside from being luxurious and soft to the touch, animal fur is also more eco- friendly and bio- degradable than faux fur. So why aren't people more open to the idea of using real animal fur? I don't mean lets go on a hunt for almost- extinct animals, and i'm not saying lets all get our shotguns out, but I now believe that if an animal is killed, and found, there is no harm in taking its fur as it is already dead! Its sort of similar to the whole 'eating only roadkill' idea (though that thought is much more unpleasant in my eyes) as the animal isn't being killed for the sole purpose of being food/ being worn. 

As a lover of fashion, I often used to wonder why designers had to use real fur, (even though I knew it was better for the environment) when there were resources available that allowed them to use faux fur. Now, I am more thankful that they do use real fur. It definitely adds to the luxury and exclusivity of the garments made. I am not pro kill- the- animal- just- for- its- fur, but it's as though my eyes have been opened. I totally understand the use of animal fur... And also wish I could afford it. 

I can only hope that the anti- fur protestors out there understand this point of view. It's much more bio- degradable than faux- fur and therefore better for the environment.

Marium x

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