Sunday, 4 November 2012

Baroque love.

The current AW12 baroque trend has me head over heels for detailing in its finest form. Not only is it just beautiful and intricate, but it often comes in my two favourite colours; Gold and black (if you can call them colours). 
Dolce and Gabbana AW12

Baroque started as a style that focused on detail in order to produce drama and grandeur in painting, dance and music. It started around 1600 in Italy, and ended up spreading through most of Europe. Looking at the Dolce and Gabbana AW12 collection, there is no doubt they were inspired by the history of baroque for the decor on their clothes which has given the trend a fashionable twist on its original use. 

During a trip to Selfridges, i stopped by the Dolce and Gabbana concession and had a look at their current collection. To say that I was amazed would be the biggest understatement. There is so much intricate detailing, and the amount of work put into creating such a stunning, baroque- inspired look is evident, even at a glance. What looks like simple gold piping, is actually bold embellishment; both beads and stones, all hand sewn. The whole collection oozes decadence and is definitely a tribute to the Catholic tradition. I couldn't help but just stand and stare in absolute awe.

AdR modelling her H&M collection

As well as Dolce and Gabbana excellence, Anna dello Russo, Vogue Japan's fashion editor released her collaboration collection with H&M in October. Alongside the very amusing (to say the least) music video that came out to promote the collaboration, she designed a line of accessories, as she claims that jewellery and accessories are the most important part of an outfit. You can see from the gold detailing used that baroque was a big inspiration for her pieces. [Click the link to see AdR's "Fashion Shower"]

The luxury of baroque is that it gives a vibe of beauty and expense. It can be worn in the form of a dress with baroque detailing, or you can add baroque-esque accessories to a simple outfit to dress it up, and you will always look the part. 

Marium x

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