Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kate & Marc; one fabulous night.

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs are both fabulous, no? I think you'll agree with me by saying yes... 

As it has been publicised to great extent, I am sure you know that Kate Moss' debut book 'Kate: The Kate Moss book' by Rizzoli was launched today, and the model herself was doing a signing from 5-7 pm at Bookmarc, in Marc By Marc Jacobs. I went along with a friend, expecting to see hoards of fans and fashion lovers alike, only to find a short queue in which we waited for 20 minutes! As we approached the entrance to the store, the security guard informed us we would have to buy the book (priced at £50) in order to meet her. 
Mrs Jamie Hince!

We then progressed on to meet the model (after going through more waiting and security and having to follow orders), and I can honestly say; photographs do her no justice. As stunning and photogenic as she is, be the photographer Mario Testino or David Bailey, no photo that I have seen can compare to her beauty in the flesh. She was flawless, calm and collected and just beautiful, sitting there whilst fans stuttered out their names for her to address in her signing. 

Marc and Harry; So cute!
As my friend and I both made our way back outside, I bumped into another girl on my course at uni, Cailin! (Founder of Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Check out her blog here) After talking to Cailin, my friend and I decided to stay and wait around for Kate to emerge. After all, we only had about 40 minutes left to wait, so why not? Whilst waiting in the cold, I heard a car pull up next to me. Not thinking much of it, I quickly turned around, only to freeze to the spot and shout 'OH MY GOD'. Marc Jacobs was about two feet away from meHe sort of looked at me as if to say 'you're weird' and replied to my outburst with a 'err, yeah hi'. He then politely took his equally as beautiful boyfriend Harry Louis' hand and led him down a segregated area where Kate was having a cigarette break. After the papzo's trying to get some shots, the trio went back inside, and the waiting commenced once again. 

After about half an hour of just standing about in cold, cold Mayfair, the paparazzi started gathering around the front entrance of the store. As my friends and I were already stood by the door, we didn't have to move. Finally, Marc and Harry emerged from the back entrance, but no one aside from us four fans noticed! We all took our photos and got excited as they got back into their car and drove off. 

Love you too Kate! 
We then turned around in time for Kate to come out of the store, where the papz went photo crazy and jumped on her. Luckily for the poor woman, the journey from store to car was only about 2 metres. As we took our shots and counted our blessings, Kate got into the back seat of her chauffeur driven mercedes and set off. 

All in all, the evening was far better than I had even dreamed, and the unexpected arrival of Marc Jacobs himself was just the cherry on top of the perfectly iced cake... However, I cannot believe I shouted at Marc Jacobs' face. I will never live that down or forget his reaction! 

Marium x

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