Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Qui est Saint Laurent?

Last year, world known fashion designer Hedi Slimane became the creative director of Saint Laurent Paris, and was quick to rebrand the label by changing the name from 'Yves Saint Laurent' to the aforementioned. Despite all the criticism he received for his decision, he stuck by his choice and claimed that clearly, the history of the brand wasn't well known. 

I for one was a fan who was quite disappointed in the rebranding of the label, as to me, it just 'disrupted' the way of things. Fair enough, Slimane went back through the brands archive, but after having the name 'Yves Saint Laurent' for decades, it kind of seemed pointless to me for him to change it.

Earlier today, whilst browsing the net, I came across an item of clothing that is now a must have in my wardrobe. High Snobiety posted a link to a site where a sweatshirt and t shirt are being sold with the bold caption 'Ain't Laurent without Yves' slashed across it. As I am still not over the rebranding of the label (even though the new name has grown on me), I feel as though this jumper says a lot, and it's a definite staple that brings with it a nostalgic feel, for the old Yves Saint Laurent. 

Marium x

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